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Cyber Security

Managed Security

With rising cybercrime, organizations need a multi-layered security approach. Our expertise and support help you rest easy, knowing your network systems and business are secured. Monitor security liabilities and network changes such as:

  • Failed user login attempts

  • Newly added devices and users

  • Locked-out company and personal devices


Disaster Recovery & Data Backup

Which Backup Solution Is Right For Your Business Data?

When disaster strikes, it's critical that you're covered. SWT Support delivers enterprise-level protection, ensuring that your organization is prepared for data disasters - at an affordable cost. SWT Support provides:

  • Data Backup and Restoration

  • High Availability and Shared Storage

  • Infrastructure Design and Architecture


Vulnerability Monitoring

Security Vulnerability Monitoring and Reporting

Weaknesses such as a failed login attempt, a locked-out computer, or the addition of a new device or user are reported via an email journal and security bulletin. iCorps will also provide a monthly network IT security risk review and management plan identifying and prioritizing threats. 

We believe businesses must embrace a multifaceted approach to protect their endpoints, end users, web applications, and critical data. We have had great success with our managed services including Data Backup & Disaster Recovery and Managed Security, so we have added an additional layer to our offering with security vulnerability monitoring and reporting. For businesses of all sizes, this provides enterprise protection for a fraction of the cost. Our expertise and support help you rest easy, knowing that your network systems – and your business – are secured.


Martin is one of the most hard workers individuals I have met. He is always on top of everything and goes above and beyond his duties. He is always willing to help not only his colleagues but everyone in his community. He serves in many committees as volunteers and he has played a key role in the success of such

German Chavez

Mark Gonzales.jpeg

Martin "The IT Guy" is great to work with. I'm a small business owner and everyone was quoting me outrageous prices and telling me I needed all kinds of equipment and software. When Martin evaluated what I needed he recommended from start to finish internet solutions, computers, monitors, network, among other recommendations. After all was said and done Martin's recommendations saved me approximately $20,000 annually!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Mark Gonzales

Elegant Female

I highly recommend Martin "The IT Guy" Ramirez for your IT projects, both big and small. I have worked with Martin, and for Martin in the past. He is a total professional. He is extremely knowledgeable in the IT field. He stays current on the latest technologies and is continually developing and refining his IT skills set. Martin is also a very kind, generous person who takes the time to get to know his clients and their businesses. He will go above and beyond to insure your IT needs are taken care of.

Dee Piper

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