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Cyber Security

At Southwest Technical Support, we make securing your IT environment and your data easier. We put all the critical elements into a total package that lets you sleep better at night.

When it comes to the security of your infrastructure and your data, you can’t depend on a single program or tool to secure everything. So, it’s no wonder many small businesses feel like a comprehensive managed security service is out of reach or over their heads.




Network Firewall

A firewall is a critical part of managed network security services. It analyzes your network traffic and determines what should be allowed or restricted per predefined parameters.

Our managed security experts will optimize your firewall as a critical first line of defense.


Vulnerability Management

Rather than react to intrusions after they've occurred, vulnerability assessments identify weaknesses within networks to bolster defenses with security audits and proper incident response plans.

This proactive approach gives unwanted visitors fewer ways in.


Email Security Services

Email is the technology that won't go away. Especially now that more people are working remotely.

Because employees handle more email than ever, the chances that they'll click on a bad link or download a malware-filled attachment keep increasing.


Managed Endpoint Detection

Traditional antivirus programs scan the contents of files to identify potential threats.

But next-generation antivirus is able to expand further and identify threats by analyzing and recognizing malicious behavior.


Patch Management

Intruders often find easy access through outdated software or firmware. Updating devices is the first defense against security vulnerabilities. Updates also fix bugs and improve general performance. 

We work behind the scenes to keep your devices up to date with the latest patches.


End User Security Training

Believe it or not, most successful cyberattacks can be traced to a user clicking a bad link or downloading a malicious file.

Educating users how to stay diligent and identify security threats reduces the number of incidents a company can expect.

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