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Network & Communication

Southwest Technical Support has partnered with Avant Communicatons

The rate of change is accelerating and IT decision-making is only getting more complex. SWT Support and AVANT are immersed with next-gen technology experience helping you find the right solution, the first time.  We offer the following solutons:


Enterprises are replacing traditional PBXs with Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) at an incredible pace. UCaaS is feature-rich and easier to manage, using a delivery model where service providers offer collaboration tools and bill monthly providing flexibility and scalability for enterprise growth.

UCaaS Benefits: No hardware costs, remote functio

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To put it simply, a contact center is the primary means by which a company interacts with its customers. Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions provide a customer experience beyond only voice calls, adopting digital channels like chat and SMS to expand with customer preferences. CCaaS technology enables businesses with on-demand scalability, global reach, and easy integrations to route customers to the appropriate agent as quickly and efficiently as possible.

CCaaS Benefits: No hardware costs, built in HA and DR, remote functionality, web-based portal and control


Connect enterprises to the rest of the world with global technology solutions such as DIA, broadband, layer 2, dark fiber, wireless, fixed wireless, TEM, mobility, and IoT. Whether you’re looking for cost savings, upgraded technology, or increased speeds, selecting the right connectivity service providers will provide efficiency and flexibility as your business evolves.

Cloud and Colo

Utilize cloud computing resources for hyperscale environments as a preferred method of IT infrastructure. Provide services to more than 1,600 data centers around the world.

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